Meeting Schedule and Locations for 2022

Meetings are online-hybrid. Meaning some members join from the meeting location and others join online. The link to join online is available by contacting us via the Facebook Toastmasters page.

Membership Fees

New Membership fees include a one-time members sign-up fee of 130 DKK. Fees are paid on a half year basis: April to September and October to March. When signing up part way through a term, the fee is deducted accordingly.

Starting Month New member Fee (DKK) Renewal member fee (DKK)
April 460,00 375,00
May 410,00
June 350,00
July 300,00
August 250,00
September 530,00
October 460,00 375,00
November 410,00
December 350,00
January 300,00
February 250,00
March 530,00

The member fee includes Toastmasters International fee of 50 DKK per month.