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Aalborg Toastmasters core values are quality, creativity and consistency. We take pride in providing opportunities for our members to grow and develop their skills. What can you expect when you come to Aalborg Toastmasters? We have members residing both in Denmark and Norway; therefore you can expect meetings to be hybrid - this means that some members attend online, and some members in person in Aalborg. It is our finest task as Toastmasters to make you feel welcome, and make you feel included and encouraged to participate / practice public speaking in a safe and supportive environment. [Read more]

Practical Information

Meeting Schedule and Locations for 2022 Meetings are online-hybrid. Meaning some members join from the meeting location and others join online. The link to join online is available by contacting us via the Facebook Toastmasters page. Membership Fees New Membership fees include a one-time members sign-up fee of 130 DKK. Fees are paid on a half year basis: April to September and October to March. When signing up part way through a term, the fee is deducted accordingly. [Read more]